German for Students

German for Students

German for Students

German for Students Programme at Langma School of Languages is designed to cater to the specific needs of school students. Langma School of languages has been running the German for Students Program since its inception. Teachers at Langma School of Languages are native speakers, highly qualified, and experienced in teaching the communicative use of the language to help students to learn it as relevant as possible to everyday situations. All of the four language skills are developed (listening, reading, writing, & speaking) and the use of grammar & vocabulary is taught well

Langma School of Languages has helped thousands of students to attain a competency level in the German language learning. Our audio/video – cum – interactive teaching methodology is at the institution’s core teaching approach. Our method is tested and proven the most natural way in the acquisition of the German language. Students can speak simple sentences, greet, and introduce themselves in a week. Our methodology has revolutionised language instruction. Today, several institutions have imitated Langma’s pedagogy, made our method standard language instruction. Langma School of Languages is the best institution that offers traditional face-to-face and online language instruction to give a personalised learning experience. Our methods make German language Learning fun and easy to understand. 

At Langma School of Languages, students will be taught from scratch and the German for Students Programis tailored to suit the requirement of students and at the end of 4 weeks, students will be able to introduce themselves, ask questions about others, greet people, fill in forms, talk about family, house, food, spell, count, measure, identify colours, past & present experiences, asking & giving advice, and direction. 

After successful completion of this programme students will be able to speak on varied issues or topics like expressing wishes, making suggestions, weekend activities & events, describing objects & products, comparison, understanding non-personal circumstances (passive voice), understanding traffic news, childhood memories, dreams & ambitions, entertainment & media, complaints & negotiations, and health conditions.


 (2 hours/session)
Class timings
GST (Global Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
Any age group 


  1. At Langma School of Languages, initially, we impart sociolinguistic appropriateness which helps students to establish basic contact in polite forms of greetings, farewells, introductions, using words like please, thank you, sorry, and etc. 
  2. Teachers at Langma School of Languages would work on all four language skills like listening, reading comprehension, spoken interaction & production, and written interaction & production. Students would be able to recognise a very slow and carefully articulated speech to assimilate meaning. 
  3. Langma’s 10-week programme is extremely popular and well-established, and is ideal for students to choose intensive or extensive, have long term aims for work or personal reasons or is simply pursuing as an interest.
  4. Langma School of Languages offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the depth of the German language and culture.
  5. We offer the Best German language course for students, given our modern pedagogy and modern teaching tools. Learn German to study in Germany with the best Online German classes at Langma