Summer Programme

Summer Programme

Summer Programme

Summer Programme atLangma School of Languages is a super intensive programme that offers students a more integrated learning experience. The programme at Langma School of Languages is supported by our own syllabus. Our Summer Programme’senrolment starts in the month of March every year and the students can choose the course of (4, 6, & 8 weeks). Langma School of Languages carefully designed the course content in order to make the programme engaging, challenging, and enjoyable. The teachers at our institution are qualified to the university level, and hold Mandarin teaching certificates, and are highly experienced. Langma’s Summer Programme is organised which allows students to acquire maximum benefit. Moreover, Langma School of Languages offers a wide range of recreational and cultural activities. Classes are held 10 hours/week, with a maximum of 10 students/class, so that we can extend our undivided attention to the students. 

Lessons focus on developing the core language skills, with particular emphasis given to speaking and listening. Vocabulary and pronunciation training is integrated into each session. The teachers at Langma School of Languages use different approaches like role-plays, project work, and task-based activities to develop students’ communicative skills. Students will also be asked to research and give weekly presentations on various aspects of Chinese culture so that they are introduced to the cultural background of the language. The Summer Programme at Langma School of Languages is aimed at improving communicative proficiency through verbal discussions, and the use of authentic materials and technology to improve their ability to deliver presentations as well as transactional spoken Mandarin encounters

Learning with Langma will be an extremely rewarding experience, that will bring increased job satisfaction for the teachers and an incredible opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the value of learning. The students willing to utilize their holidays as a period of pleasure as well as education can also enrol themselves in this course. It is our goal that students get a highly individualised programme to meet their specific needs and requirements.  


Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
8 – 15 years


  1. We want our students to learn everyday Mandarin that will allow them to communicate at work and in everyday situations
  2. Classes follow a balanced syllabus based on a pragmatic approach
  3. In class, we use a combination of textbooks, exercises, authentic materials and some online applications
  4. We make sure classes are well-planned, engaging and delivered in a friendly atmosphere
  5. More traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises seamlessly interlock with reading and listening comprehension tasks, role-play, group discussions, extempore, interactive games and small projects
  6. Our main assets are the teachers – fully qualified, experienced and passionate about what they do. 
  7. After successful completion of the course students are rewarded with a certificate.