*Filled with talented individuals, LANGMA has provided corporate training to various corporate outfits. *Corporate training is ongoing with CONSTRUTURA ANDRADE GUTIERREZ SA and Riding House Infotech Pvt. Ltd. *Projects of corporate training successfully completed with DG of Military training and Embassy of UAE. |

"Welcome to Langma School of Languages"

Langma International was founded in 2007. At the threshold, our headmost language was English but later Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd. Translated itself into a heart center of languages such as Hindi, Bengali, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Thai and many more by delivering quality through indigenous and Indian adept and proficient faculties.

Our objective and quest is to provide surpassing and greater excellence to our white-collar professional students on the one hand and collegiate and school pupils on the other.

Our Alma mater is designed in a way which can suffice the needs of all learners from any background.

Our mission is to provide higher quality of foreign language training, strengthen the development, innovation and create knowledge based programmes to those who require the success in the field of foreign languages.

Langma has become the name of authenticity, trust and reliance through its outstanding quality and student's mouth appreciation that is what makes us outshine the rest.

We Welcome you in Gurukul to become a professional in foreign language.


United Arab Emirates Embassy

Embassy Of Czech Republic

Construtora Andrade Gutierrez S. A.

Riding House Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Army

" I've just completed my basic Hindi package at the Langma School of Languages and after 72 Hours of quality tutoring, I am compelled to say that the language education quality in Langma is probably the best I've seen in a long while. While all the big names and corporate institutions make do with generic teaching methods and incredulous cash intakes, Langma was an institute where integration into the language and proficiency in communication was valued more. I was able to enjoy top notch classes from various teachers of the Institute. I was catered to by Mr. Deepak throughout my course; both were very accomplished tutors in Hindi who could communicate the essence of the language very well through English. they were very amiable and walked me through the ropes in a manner that didn't feel repetitive and overtly book-based. Even then the Institute gave the students plenty of breathing room and offered overtime classes at no extra cost so that each and every member of the class could get comfortable with the faculty and exchange ideas without hesitation. I could easily pick up their curriculum even after a few days' absence as the tutors were warm and friendly throughout the length of the course; most of all, I could feel their dedication to each individual student to make sure their investments were not in vain. Suffice to say, my Hindi learning experience in Langma was one hundred percent productive and enjoyable; and my skills in the language have grown exponentially ever since I joined the Langma family. I plan to continue my courses at Langma with the Intermediate and Advanced programs, and I would definitely recommend this great Institute to all aspiring language learners out there. "

Anthony Lee Walker
North Korea

"The LANGMA International school in Delhi definitely is a wonderful institute for learning different languages with a great staff, professional teachers and nice methods, I'm foreigner in India and personally my Hindi lessons are awesome with quick and practical development. Join it!"

Subal David Lovato

Langma international is the best destination to learn any foreign language you want to learn. They have the best, experienced and native trainer of each dialect. I joined Langma to learn English and here I got the success. I got my first job.

Pawan Sharma
New Delhi

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