Japanese for Conversation

Japanese for Conversation

Japanese for Conversation

Japanese for Conversation Programme at Langma School of Languages is 6 weeks programme, in which students are encouraged to speak on several social, political, and cultural topics in context of day to day conversation. Our dedicated teachers will work on two language skills (listening and speaking).

Langma School of Languages is the best Japanese language institute to pursue online Japanese Language course. Since our inception we had a vision of imparting quality Japanese language education to students. Students will improve their pronunciation and work on identifying their mistakes and correcting them. This programme at Langma School of Languages is only suitable for intermediate (N3) and Upper-intermediate students (N2). 

Learning a new language is always a daunting prospect and practicing it a country where it is not spoken seems challenging; therefore, Langma School of Language programme Japanese for Conversation is designed to give students an opportunity to speak Japanese in variety of settings like role-play, group discussion, extempore, and debate.

At Langma School of Languages, students are offered support and suggestions from our native and highly qualified Japanese teachers, the programme place an emphasis on listening and speaking to build confidence, improve pronunciation, and enhance selection of words which ultimately benefits students to be vocal on issues. This programme works as a supplement to formal Japanese language learning; moreover, it gives a chance to practice your language skills and if your language skills are bit rusty, do not worry!!! Reacquaint yourself with the language in a friendly and supportive ambience.

We also provide Online Japanese language course which make Japanese language learning more fun. Learn Japanese online with the best Japanese language institute at Langma. If you wish to pursue online Japanese classes, you will need suitably equipped and internet-enabled devices like (phone or a computer).

All our teachers on our programmes are Native speakers, highly qualified, and with a great deal of experience in imparting knowledge of language. 

Note: - If you are a beginner or only have limited language skills please contact our student liaison officer for course advice and one is advised to read the terms and condition before the enrolment.


(2 hours/session)
Intermediate & Upper Intermediate (N3 & N2)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
Any age group


  1. Langma School of Languages’ programme considers grammar only in spoken terms, there will be no formal grammar lessons, rather we promote and encourage free expression and learning from experience, context, and situational norms. 
  2. Langma School of Languages’ experience has taught us that to be effective, training must be interactive. Skills are learned by doing, they are not learned by only listening to lectures or tapes or by reading books and magazines. 
  3. Our sessions are based on giving opportunities for students to listen to spoken Japanese, and to be able to respond in Japanese, as well as acquire pronunciation and formal language skills.
  4. We also provide Online Japanese language course which make Japanese language learning more fun. Learn Japanese online with the best Japanese language institute at Langma!