Why Choose Langma ?


Everyone has different talents, abilities, and learning styles when it comes down to learning. At Langma, we aim to spark your innate talents and channel them thereby imparting skills in your chosen language that really fulfil your needs and develop a lifelong understanding of the subject. Our courses are designed exclusively to meet your requirements, abilities and background.


Our teaching methodology emphasizes on speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. We have evolved an interactive method that focuses on effective communication skills. Through our method, we enable learners to have a quick grasp of the language. They are to frame sentences quickly, thereby facilitating communication.

Our interactive approach kindles an interest in verbal and social contact with others. The module relies heavily on audio-visual tools, which makes for easier learning and greater facility in English and foreign languages.

A vast collection of audio and video CDs give students a chance to see how the language is spoken by native speakers.

The emphasis at Langma School of Languages is not only on improving language skills but also in developing a well-rounded personality to make for more mature and responsible individuals.


  • A private and one of the leading institutions in Delhi.
  • Offers professional English courses that are designed to equip students achieve their career goals.
  • Has a Spoken English course for learners from Elementary through to Advanced level.
  • Has a wide range of part-time courses in Other languages for learners from Beginner level  through to Advanced level.
  • Provides elite programmes that include study tours, customized courses for specific groups, and corporate programmes.
  • Offers teacher training courses.
  • Provides test preparation including IELTS, TOEFL, PET, and BEC.
  • Has state-of the-art facilities including modern, educational, and purpose-built classrooms.
  • Staff consists of committed professional language teacher and support staff.


The organization is well-equipped with classrooms, auditorium, and an elaborate computer networking. It has more than 60 well-qualified language trainers, and experts in areas like grammar, accent, group discussion, etc. It is competent enough to take up any assignments from the target groups.