German language is one of the most widely spoken languages in Central Europe. It is a co-official language of many European nations such as Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Hungary, Poland, and Denmark.

Langma School of Languages, is the best German language institute in Delhi. We follow the common European Framework of Reference for languages and train the students at different levels ranging from A1 for beginner to C2 at the highest. The learners of German language vary from students, businessmen, employees who plan to shift their residence to Germany. Learn German language at one of the best foreign language institutes in Delhi and take your career to new heights.  As soon we started German language course in Delhi, we have received an overwhelming response from the students as well as other language learners.

Being the best German training institute in Delhi. We provide both native and Indian trainers, as our language faculty. Also included in our course are plays, audio-visuals and workshops which can further enhance the accuracy and usage of the language.


DurationLevelsTimingsAreas Covered
100 hrsElementary Level
A1 – 50 hrs
A2 – 50 hrs
Weekdays & WeekendListening
150 hrsIntermediate Level
B1 – 50 hrs
B2.1 + B2.2  – 100 hrs
Weekdays & WeekendListening
100 hrsAdvance Level
C1 – 50 hrs
C2 – 50 hrs
Weekdays & WeekendListening
Provided in each level: Study material, Audio CDs and Dictionary
Written exams will be conducted upon completion of each level.
Placements available after successful completion of Advance Level

*Programs can be customized according to the requirement of the candidate and upon his/her availability. If a student requires to complete our German language course sooner than the above durations, we can create a crash course and focus more on the field-wise aspects for each individual.

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Learn German language online and master the language in just 90 days.  We provide online German language training facilities for those who cannot make it to our institute due to the time constraints. Our trainers connect via Skype or other online calling applications. The timings will be as per the convenience of the student that matches with the particular country’s timings.


Do you know that most Europeans consider German to be their native language? Well, if you didn’t, then here is some more information that might take you by surprise. German is the second most spoken language in the EU in terms of overall speakers. It is also the second most widely taught foreign language in the EU for primary school students. German ranks second as a scientific language and continues to be the second most widely used language for websites.

And so, here we go! There should not be a single reason why you shouldn’t learn German. And if this information isn’t enough to get you convinced that German is the language for you, especially if you’re planning to study, work or live in the EU, then we have something more for you!

There are six interesting countries in Central Europe that consider German to be either an official or a co-official language. These countries include Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Apart from these nations, countries like Denmark, Hungary, Italy, and Poland, have German as a national minority language. What more do you need to learn this wonderful language from the Indo-European language family?


Yes, of course! Both these languages are said to be long-lost linguistic siblings. Even though these languages recently descended from the same root language, which is Proto-Germanic, it was only around 500 years ago these languages diverged to their present forms. This shared cultural history and the conspicuous similarities between several words might benefit you while learning German. For instance, ‘Hallo’ means ‘Hello’, ‘Guten Morgen’ means ‘good morning’, ‘haus’ means ‘house’ and ‘buch’ means ‘book’.

Words from German and English are often incredibly similar in their pronunciations as well. A good example is the German letter P, which changed to F around 1,500 years ago. These languages were once the same, meaning the grammar of English and German used to be quite similar. Everything that we find ‘difficult’ in modern German, from cases to gender to movable sentence structure, all of these once existed in English. These two languages have grown and changed, intermingled and drifted apart over time.


1. Langma School of Languages is a pioneer when it comes to German Language institutes in Delhi. At Langma, we provide training to both school children and professional career-hunters, who are looking forward to either living in the EU or wanting to study or work there.

2. Langma follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages and trains the students at different levels ranging from A1 for beginners to C2 for professionals.

3. At Langma, we encourage our students and help them learn German in a friendly way. Langma School of Languages, being the best German language institute in Delhi, organizes workshops, plays, audio-visual programs for its students. Thus, Langma helps the students understand the language in a broader way.

4. For those who want to pursue their career in German language, Langma School of Languages provides an effective and supportive learning environment.  Langma always tries to get the students acquainted with the required skills, thereby helping the students in any field they want to pursue.

5. Langma School of Languages is also an ideal institute for GOETHE exam preparation. We have native and Indian trainers, who train the students at different levels.

6. Langma provides a platform for its students where they not only learn the language but also understand the German culture.

7. Langma School of Languages has been a trusted institute for many years. We have a golden history of more than a hundred successful pass-outs who have either moved to Germany or are pursuing his/her career in this language.

8. The primary focus of our institute is in quality teaching with 100% success rate. We offer our services at the most affordable prices when seen in comparison with other institutes.

9. After a certain level, we give exposure to students wherein they get to interact with German natives and try to understand their accent. Therefore, they learn to speak more fluently.

10. We at Langma evaluate the students on weekly basis covering up to 4 module exams in a month and overall 12 exams in one level.


1. Germany might be a small nation area-wise, but it happens to be the world’s second-largest exporter.

2. Germany’s direct investment in the United States is more than ten billion dollars.

3. German economy ranks number one in Europe and number four worldwide.

4. Germany’s economy is comparable to that of all the world’s Spanish-speaking countries combined.

5. Many international companies have made Germany their home.

6. Germany is home to an intriguing culture. With over 81 million residents, it is the second most populated country in Europe.

7. Germany produces more than 300 varieties of baked bread.

8. While Octoberfest is one of the greatest events in Germany, Berlin Film Festival brings together film and art celebrities from all the world.

9. It is a known fact that Germans are very good at construction and automotive work, making them strong competitors in these fields.

10. Germans love food, so it’s not all that startling to know that they have a lot of traditional dishes. Their favourite drink is beer.