The Benefits of Bilingualism

Studies have shown that being bilingual is advantageous to the cognitive process because brain functions differently among them, and these differences give several mental benefits. There are many advantages of leaning a foreign language and some are listed here:

  1. Bilinguals’ brain is always challenged to comprehend the meaning, recognise the various style of communication, and negotiate in different language systems which improve the functionality of brain. It is evident these skills augment the ability to further negotiate the meaning in other problem solving tasks. Bilingual students tend to perform better on standardised exam than monolinguals.
  2. Bilinguals or multilingual hold expertise whilst switching between two languages which make them multitaskers due to their ability to switch between different structures.
  3. The acquisition of a foreign language draws the attention of students to focus on the technicality of language grammar, sentence structure, and conjugation. This makes students to understand the language, and the way it can be structured and manipulated. These skills are vital in shaping someone to be persuasive. Bilinguals also develop a better auditory skill since they can distinguish the meaning from discreet sounds. 
  4. Bilinguals have often been seen to make rational and decisive decisions. Languages have variations, nuance, and subtle implications in its vocabulary which can subconsciously determine the judgement. They can be more confident with their choices when they think in the second language. 
  5. Since the world has become globalised, there has been an exponential demand of bilinguals in companies as they expand their operations into new markets. Therefore, to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and the demands of clients companies need language speakers. It is quite easy to build rapport with someone who speaks same language. Bilinguals enjoy more financial gains and according to a survey they earn 10% more than their monolingual counterparts.