Spoken French sounds different than the literature since speaking employs several verbal and non-verbal expressions. The words used in conversation are based on contractions or fillers; sometimes rhyming slangs can be heard. Fillers are an integral part of any spoken language. For example, “uh-huh”, “aye”, “mmmm” and so on in English. These words bridge a brief silence and present that you are still in the conversation; nevertheless, it may not be the most classic form of communication. Some of the common fillers you may hear when French speakers communicate: 

En fait

En fait” is used both in written and spoken French. It can be translated as “in fact”; however, it can also be referred to as “actually”. It is usually used at the beginning of a sentence.

Eg:- Viens à huit heures ce soir ! En fait, viens à sept heures ! : - Come at eight tonight! Actually, come at seven!


Like “ben”, “bon” translates as “well”. It usually symbolises a thought but can also mark the speaker’s impatience or anger. Its English similar would be “ok”.

Eg: - Bon, allons-y! - Okay, let’s go!


The meaning of genre is “gender” or “type”. However, when it is used as a filler word, it is similar to “like” in English.

Eg: - J’ai besoin d’une robe pour la fête. Genre, assez habillée - I need a dress for the party. Like, kind of dressy.

Enfin bref

Enfin bref” in English is referred as “basically” or “anyway” to get straight to the point and avoid a long conversation.

Eg:- Je cherchais mes lunettes. Enfin bref, elles étaient sur mon nez - I was looking for my glasses. Anyway, they were on my nose.

Quand même

Quand même” can be inferred in a more formal setting as  “even though” or “still”.

Eg: - L’examen était difficile. Mais quand même, j’ai réussi. -The exam was tough. But still, I passed.

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