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Langma International, Human Resources Solution is a recruitment agency permanent and contract employee (language expert) suppliers established in Delhi in 2007. It has managed to achieve its stand in India’s leading and competitive market in a short while. We are persistently looking forward to the various opportunities in the market for expansion and to stand farther in the competitive environment. We understand the requirements of leading organizations which have outsourced their processes to us.

Whether you are looking at making savings in time, cost and processor to improve the quality of candidates, Langma International has the answers.

We know you’re good at your job and want to work for a company that can help you get better. Langma International has placed countless best languages experts into jobs with leading India employers; we know how to make that happen. And with so many great opportunities, you won’t have to settle for anything less than right fit.

Our objective is to provide exceptional language expert to the companies, and we aim to exceed the expectations of our company by providing outcomes derived from the excellence of our training. Our mission is to provide the highest possible standard of foreign language training and encourage sustainable development with innovation in an environment of creative language acquisition. Langma International is a private limited company committed to providing the best language experts in Delhi.


Our Services

Talent is core to your competitive advantage. But at the same time, your success depends on the flexibility to employees up or down based on business demands, plus the ability produce efficiently to keep costs in check. That’s why Langma International gives you talent resourcing options – so you can find the skilled people you need to drive business performance while benefiting from the agility you need to respond smartly to workload fluctuations. Whether you need to staff one hard to fill a position or hire large volumes for peak season, Langma International’s staffing solutions can help you achieve your goals. You’ll be able to meet customer demands, manage workforce costs and outdo the competition more than you ever thought possible.

We understand the requirements of leading organizations which have outsourced their HR processes to us. We understand what clients want and we know exactly how to deliver it. Whether you are looking at making savings in time, cost and processor to improve the quality of candidates, Langma International has the answers.


Our Services Include;

  • Place advertisements, arrange interviews, and select language experts on behalf of clients
  • career goals. on the receipt of the legal demand.
  • Assist the prospective employers by shortlisting candidates for final interview by employers or their representatives. Negotiate salaries and brief the candidates about their legal rights, terms and conditions of the employers.
  • Provide services relating to required documents like identity cards, passports, and all governments requirements.
  • Keep the employer informed about the progress at every stage. Our team of experts at the staffing agency can select the right candidate for you matching your job descriptions.
  • The selection is made solely on the basis of language proficiency. Langma International always honors its commitment and proceeds as per the instructions of our clients.



We know that your potential can’t be captured in a CV, job title or job description. With a detailed understanding of your unique talents, experience and interests, we match you to the right positions, to accelerate your professional success. We offer opportunities across both contract and permanent work, and go to great lengths to ensure the roles offered are in sync with your skills, interests, career goals and lifestyle.

With numerous benefits available for each employment type, we invite you to consider the options that are available to you:


Contractor Roles

Companies across all industries look to contract workers for specialised expertise and the flexibility to meet fluctuating business demands. In addressing the pace of change our clients face, Langma International delivers a large volume of contract roles.

Contracting offers immediate work benefits while providing a lasting career impact. It promotes professional growth and offers candidates the flexibility to have greater control of their career development and lifestyle. Although holiday and sickness pay are not included, contractors are likely to command a much higher daily rate than the salary equivalent. And while contracting involves keeping your own accounts, Langma International offers our contractors access to expert advice. Each new contract assignment provides an opportunity to gather new skills, grow in experience, gain exposure to various industries and organisational cultures, and expand your professional network. You will have access to numerous opportunities and more chances of finding work that inspires you. With each experience, your marketability will grow and your career will continue to accelerate.

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Permanent Roles

In today’s uncertain economy, permanent roles offer a level of job security and a structured working environment that appeal to many. It facilitates long-term career growth and builds continuity, providing employees the opportunity to develop invaluable experience within an organization, and opening the door to opportunities for career training, development and job progression. Permanent staff can take advantage of numerous benefits including holiday and sick pay, along with a range of other incentives that come with a benefits package specific to each organization.

Langma International tries to understand you; what really makes you tick and what’s really important to you and your career. We tap into our extensive client network, open the right doors, and promote your qualifications.

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Whether you’re a one-person company or a multiple-person company, time is an issue. Langma International payroll management guarantees you will save time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers, quarterly, and year to date payroll reports. We’ll save you time by providing prompt preparation at month end and by eliminating time spent balancing and cross-checking for errors. Payroll management can help you avoid penalties for miscalculations by doing this work for you.

  • Real-time management and report
  • Minimising external costs
  • Relieve laborious HR tasks
  • Statuary adherence

We offer all the statutory services like worker compensation reporting, state tax deposit payments etc, plus much more. Since no two businesses are alike, Langma International offers individual solutions to your payroll problems, allowing you to stay focused on your success.

Temping and Third Party Payroll

Gone are the days when an individual stayed loyal to an organization for a lifetime. Qualified professionals are now throwing caution to the winds and opting for flexible job options. And that’s not surprising considering the demand for temps today. With costs being of utmost importance to corporate, headcounts being frozen and short-term projects on the rise, several domestic and multinational companies are outsourcing functions to temps. Whereas earlier, temp jobs primarily meant secretarial positions, today companies are increasingly outsourcing key functions like accounts, legal, marketing and sales in middle and senior management positions as well.

The benefits that our precious clients will enjoy can be direct and indirect. To be very precise, our solution will directly help the companies to streamlining its core processes, better employee management, taking care of employees more than before, reducing manual and clerical work for the HR division and many more. Our services will touch the following activities and interest areas for our client.

Langma International will hire new temps or the existing ones under its own payroll which will give the employees a sense of security. If any company does not want to use third party payroll, Langma International can perform its job as a service provider.

Langma International will keep all the physical as well as electronic records of the employees. Our clients will not need to worry about any record updating and cleaning activities.

Langma International has a dedicated and trained group of people who are expert in different activities like recruitment, statutory compliance, payroll processing and other HR operational activities, so our clients will directly get all the services without considering any extra cost to set-up all these departments and teams.

Langma International will help companies in saving costs which they can utilise in core business processes. Companies that are striving on distributor payroll will be able to free its channels from all headaches and can motivate them to invest more money on products and business.

As Langma International will have all the information, activities and record centralised with them, clients can get the real time picture easily and quickly. Langma International can provide temps in various organisational levels, so a huge number of money will be saved and many liabilities will be reduced quickly. Langma International will take care of all the legal and administrative issues regarding employment. So the client will have more time to concentrate in his own business. Langma International is always there for the clients. So in case of any special and customised service solution, we can amend the same on case to case basis.