Our Profile


Langma School of Languages, as axiomatic its name, is a premier institution for learning foreign languages.What makes us different is the fact that we offer courses in all the key foreign languages. Incidentally, we are the only institution in South Delhi that offers courses in 26 different languages including regional and international. We offer both short-term and long-term courses. All our courses are thoughtfully designed in such a way to help you attain an overall proficiency in the target language.


Langma School of Languages is a unit of Langma International Pvt. Ltd. and our roots date back to more than nine years of experience in the field of language teaching and innovation. Langma School of Languages  was established in 2007 in response to the huge gap between the ever-increasing demands of foreign language courses, and the availability of skilled professional in the field.


We are committed towards creating new-age professionals in the field of language learning, solutions, and services. Many students who received training and coaching in Langma are enjoying a successful career in their chosen fields such as BPO/KPO Marketing, Mass Communication, Aviation, Hospitality etc. Langma has become the name of authenticity, trust and reliance through its exceptional quality and students’ appreciation, which is what makes us standout from the rest.


Our goals as a foreign language institute is to foster our students’ awareness of foreign language and culture, and to help them gain communicative competence in that particular foreign language. To reach our goals, there are several principles that guide us in making pedagogical choices in our classroom. Our teaching principle is that effective teaching is student-based mechanism with the consideration of individual needs.


We believe that teaching should consider students’ needs since motivation and attitude are important factors for students learning a foreign language. We provide communicative and collaborative activities in which students can construct their learning instead of merely receiving knowledge from teachers. With a student-centered approach, students can build their language skills through interactions with other students in a task- and content-based environment. We engage each student in the learning process by playing as a ‘facilitator’ rather than just a ‘transmitter’ of knowledge.