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In this globalized world, the geographical boundaries seem a mere shadow not only in the field of commerce but also in the realm of languages and culture. The advancement of technology has empowered the business establishments as well as the common individuals to submerge themselves into another culture. The better understanding and knowledge of different societies along with its culture has transformed itself into one of the key factors in business strategies, with the principal focus on the better acquaintance with the different cultures because of its ability to affect businesses on a global scale. Thus paving way for the art of interpretation.


With the world transforming itself into one global village the coordination between different languages is very important.  In order to facilitate the speedy exchange of Information, one thing is inevitable, that is interpretation.

We Langma are the pioneer Foreign Language Interpretation Service Provider in New Delhi, India, since 2007, due to the inception of our dedicated Foreign Language Interpretation Team. Langma School of Languages has proficient experts in interpretation with an in-depth knowledge of the language, subject, and culture. They are impulsive speaker intact with fluency and accuracy. LANGMA offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in various National and International languages. We connect with you to fulfill your personal or customized needs assuring that our interpreters are never at any loss for words. We at Langma ensure to meet your interpretation needs with all your satisfaction and content. Langma school of Languages has a dedicated Quality Assurance team that is customer-driven and devoted to mutual benefits and continuous enhancement to meet up your standards. The confidentiality of interpretation is strictly observed and maintained by our team.


We at LANGMA focus on eradicating any language hindrance through our interpretation services by providing telephonic, onsite and instantaneous interpretation services in over 100+ languages.


Interpretation is a very crucial wherein interpreters have to be very cautious with words put into use.  Since interpretation is a live requirement, the job is even tougher. Our interpreters are exceedingly experienced and absolutely familiar with the code of behavior and ethics of respective countries and their languages. We believe in a high-engagement model by understanding in your business, its purpose to offer personalized services. LANGMA’s high quality national and foreign interpretation services empower you to communicate and collaborate with your needs.

Interpretation is a complex task because it not only requires the interpreter to know the precise vocabulary but also desires him to enact the speaker’s feelings and tones. Interpretation can be concurrent (conferences) or uninterruptedly (depositions or meetings) between users of different languages. There is no place for mistake or editing in interpretation. With advancement in technology, interpretation can extend to different modes such as telephonic, video, media, etc. Telephonic communication is efficient only when the talks are dependable, understood and delivered in high quality.


Langma School of Languages provides interpreting services in the following highly demanded languages:



 Arabic Greek Russian
 Bosnian Italian  Serbian
 Cantonese Japanese  Spanish
 Croatian  Korean  Somali
 Dari  Khmer  Turkish
 Farsi  Mandarin  Vietnamese

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